Non-member Pilots: Why Choose FPI?


Most of us became pilots for the same reason: we love the freedom and feeling of flight. However, the current economic climate and rising costs have impacted the flying habits of many aviators in our community.

The Flying Particles, Inc, non-profit organization, is structured to shelter our members from the worst of the outside economic events and keep flying costs low. FPI fees very closely mirror actual operating expenses and don’t include a percentage for profit, so members enjoy the freedom of flight at minimum cost.

In short, FPI continues to make flying fun and affordable. Compare FPI hourly rates and typical yearly costs to other local FBOs and flying clubs.


FPI offers members other benefits as well.

You are an aircraft OWNER, not a renter. This provides you with the lowest cost basis for operating an aircraft. Also, FPI insures each member/owner to $250K per seat, $1M per incident, with NO deductible for accidents reported within 24 hours. This insurance is included in monthly dues at no additional expense to you.

Aircraft diversity FPI maintains a fleet of five aircraft including a Cessna 152, Cessna 172, two Piper Archers and a Cessna 182.

Aircraft availability Plane access is excellent, and FPI uses a convenient online and phone reservation system.

• Well-maintained aircraft  FPI has a maintenance system in which squawks are logged online and addressed rapidly. These aircraft are very well maintained. All but one of our aircraft are hangared.

Access to flight instructors We have more than 10 CFI members who can assist you with anything from a simple checkout to obtaining an additional flight rating or certificate. Our CFIs teach because it’s their passion, not to build hours for an airline job.

Convenient location Livermore Airport is very conveniently located in the Tri-Valley area with easy freeway access. There is ample parking including ramp access to our aircraft.

Fellowship with other aviators One of the things that you miss at an FBO is the fellowship and sharing with other aviators. FPI includes social activities as well as business meetings so that we have the opportunity to meet and talk with our fellow members.

Why not contact us and give FPI a try?

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