N738VA : Flying Particles Cessna 172

1978 Cessna 172P

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Flying Particles has a nice flying 1978 Cessna 172P with an integrated ipad mount.
Come see for yourself!

In the old days, Cessna Skyhawks like these were every pilot’s first ‘step up’ airplane, after learning the basics in a two-seater. Nowadays, this classic four seater is beloved by first-timers as well as experienced pilots looking for a ride that’s easy, affordable and fun to fly. Ours sees plenty of time as an instrument and basic trainer. It’s just as alluring for a day of Bay Area sightseeing or a quick trip to Monterey.


Dual Nav/Com
iPad mount with USB charging ports in the panel
Mode C Transponder
Marker beacon
4 place intercom


160 HP Powerplant

Sample POH