N6475Q : Flying Particles Cessna 152

Classic Cessna 152

Classic Cessna 152
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We have upgraded to a new Cessna 152 with a very nice interior!

Meet the plane that has taught generations to fly–and this particular one has taught more than a few Flying Particles. Ours is just waiting for you as its next student and future pilot! To be sure, there’s nothing super fancy about this basic, two-seat trainer. But, it’s super affordable for practice, as well as super easy, super safe and forgiving and super fun to fly. We think it’s just super.

While this plane is most often used for training or practice, it’s also hard to beat for a leisurely day of low-and-slow flying over the Central Valley farmland. Or how about a bird’s-eye tour of the Bay Area at chicken-feed prices?


Single Nav/Com
Mode C Transponder