N1080M : Flying Particles Cessna 182

Can You Say 'Road Trip'?

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Wanna haul a lot of stuff? Wanna haul it cross country? You could hardly do better than taking off in our Cessna 182 Skylane. One of the most successful designs in aviation history, the Cessna 182 adds a constant speed propeller and a beefier engine to the basic four-seat Cessna configuration.

The result? Faster cruise, higher service ceiling–oh, and still the ease, simplicity and ruggedness of a Cessna. Ours is a great instrument platform, too, with a panel-mount GTN650 GPS, ADS-B and a one-axis autopilot.


Garmin GTN650 IFR WAAS touch screen GPS
Garmin GDL-88 ADS-B In/Out
Mode C Transponder
Marker beacon
4 place intercom
1 axis autopilot
Backup electric vacuum pump


230 HP Powerplant: Continental O-470-U engine
Constant speed propeller
Long Range 80 Gallon tanks

Sample POH
1977 C182 POH