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Do Grey Skies Make You Blue? Earn Your Instrument Rating

Remember the thrill of learning how to fly? Let’s do that again. Here’s a look at the curriculum and the costs.Earn Your Instrument Rating

Check Out Our Checkout Forms
Use the check out forms with one of FPI’s instructors to assess your skills and earn the keys to any of our aircraft. Then, download a checklist and go flying!
Cessna C152: Checkout | Check List
Cessna C172: Checkout | Check List
Cessna C182: Checkout | Check List
Piper PA28: Checkout | Check List

Mooney M20J: Checkout
Download all checkout forms
Download student pilot phase check form

Aviation Safety Reporting Program
If you have been involved in, or observe, an incident or situation in which aviation safety may have been compromised, file a report with the Aviation Safety Reporting System. If you do so within 10 days of the incident, the FAA will waive fines and penalties, subject to certain limitations, for unintentional violations of FAA statues and regulations.
Download the ASRS form here, or fill out an online version.
Learn more about the Aviation Safety Reporting System

Take A Trip On The FPI Side
No time to firewall your own throttle? No problem. You can fly vicariously–and maybe dream a little for the day when you can make the same trip.
Death Valley In Winter – By David Osborn
Whoa Nellie Deli (Lee Vining) – By David Osborn
A New Tour of Death Valley: Part 1, Part 2 – By Jim Yares

Current Aircraft And Rates
Take a look at the fleet and current hourly rates.

A Good Pilot Never Stops Learning
… and we’ve got some of the best folks to learn from. Our instructor members teach because they love flying and instructing–not because they’re trying to build hours for an airline career. In fact, many of our teachers are already commercial pilots.  Find one who fits your learning style and then get out there.
FPI Certified Flight Instructors

Among the benefits of club membership are the great presentations at our monthly meetings. Past talks have included reports on flying adventures, instructional topics and more. Here are some of our recent presentations.
Spins (Or How To Keep the Pointy End of the Airplane Going Forward) by Evan Reed and Ed Williams
The Bay Tour; how to plan and preflight through video of Cessna 206 executing the training mission by Steve Radcliffe and Don Breedlove
A sojourn to aviation’s birthplaces by Steve Radcliffe

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