Apply for Membership

At this time membership applications are not being accepted. However, potential members are welcome to attend the meetings.

Membership in the club is open to the public. Prospective new members are required to complete a membership application and mail it to the club’s Post Office box along with the appropriate deposit.

For your convenience, a membership application is available online.  To apply for membership please complete the following steps:

  1. Learn about the difference between a flying club and flight school/FBO plane rental operation.
  2. If eager to experience flying through a club, learn about our club. Familiarize yourself with the club flight regulations and by laws.
  3. Arrange to meet or speak with Membership VP. Ideally, plan to attend our next club meeting, held the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 at the LVK administration building. The Membership VP can be found at or 925-422-7435.
  4. If both parties agree that there’s a good fit, begin the membership application process.
  5. If interested in a student membership, find a flight instructor with the club to work with. A list of instructors and contact info can be obtained from the Membership VP.
  6. Fill out the online membership application form. Unavailable at this time.
  7. The membership VP will set you up with a scheduling account and the treasurer will send you a bill for the equity deposit. Once equity deposit is paid we’ll enable scheduling in our system and you can start training with your instructor as a student member, or begin the check-out process with one of our instructors if you’re a regular member.

The deposit or application fee amounts are shown on the rates and membership page.

For additional membership information, please contact our Vice President for Membership: Doug Homoelle, (925) 422-7435.